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cd crew

2014-01-19 16:14:40 by ziraffe


heheh HAHA ehehe

2012-12-08 21:30:58 by ziraffe

those front page funnies :')

pokemon parodies

2012-10-15 15:59:02 by ziraffe

please stop

every joke that can be associated with pokemon has been made

several times

pokemon parodies

a band of cripple boys

2012-09-14 22:49:06 by ziraffe

sorry mom

a band of cripple boys

Want more fans?

2012-09-02 21:13:42 by ziraffe

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ok what next

Want more fans?


2012-06-30 21:21:01 by ziraffe

i'm an artist and animator

pretty unique compared to the rest of the NG community